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When can I join the CSA.

      We harvest 5 days a week, year round. You can join any time. Select a pick up location under the CSA Menu tab. Download a

       subscription form & return to us with payment information and start date. You can mail the form with a check to 1065 E. Hwy

       36, Maplewood, MN  55109 or if paying via credit card, scan the completed form and email it to djroeser@gardenfreshfarms.com

    Four CSA seasons are offered each year.   General information about each season is on the subscription form.   The Pick-up location tab shows public and Corporate sites.

Do you sell equipment to set up an Aquaponics operation at home.

     We are focused on commercial growing to feed cities of people and do not have a home model.

Can I just show up for a tour?

      We are a working farm and cannot accomidate drop in visits. We get several requests for tours everyday. Our time is limited,

      and we have to protect the plants from pestilence brought in on peoples clothing.  Dave has committed to 

      speaking at several events in the Twin Cities. Follow us on Twitter to find out when and where.

Answers to Questions?

      Everyday I get requests for student interviews, amateur enthusiasts, etc. I would like to help, but frankly the volume is immense

      and my time is limited. If you need answers on urban farming, send a limited list and I will try to respond in my spare time.

Do you sell via farmers markets?

      We harvest everyday to get you the freshest product. Farmers Markets are weekly events and don't

      match up well with daily harvests and we are all year round vs. farmers markets being seasonal.

Can you teach me how to start an Aquaponics operation in my home.

      There are many fine organizations on the web to get help and advice for a home adventure. Read

      several sources since there is a lot of wrong information on the web. There is a 15 week series Dave

      did on Dr Wayne Dorband's webinar channel.

What is the best way to start a CSA subscription?

      We are normally working the farm and not in the office much, so it is often more time efficient for

      you to print off a registration form and, email or mail it to us.

Can I transfer a subscription to a different location if one opens closer to my home or work?

      Yes, subscriptions can be transferred once during the subscription period.

If on vacation an can't pick up my week, what are my options?

      Couple options if you let us know before the pick up day. Give your week to a friend, relative or

      co-worker, Donate your share to the food shelf. We'll arrange everything. We have some shelters

      which really appreciate getting fresh greens. Or let us know in advance and we'll extend your

      subscription by that day.


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In 2010 we embarked on a mission change urban agriculture. Consumers seek local, natural & fresh food grown without pesticides. Current agriculture systems will no longer be sustainable due to the effects of climate on centralized mono crop production, labor issues and the high cost of bringing products to markets thousands of miles away.

The future of farming is to bring the farm closer to the consumer. Our indoor agriculture model increases access to healthy food, reduces transportation costs and provides natural food without pesticides. We use less water and land use is reduced 100% while bringing jobs to old warehouse buildings. Garden Fresh Farms is currently seeking out other urban areas to build additional farms worldwide.

We are working to bring a CSA pick up location to yourneighborhood!

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