I am loving this challenge! If you want to watch my journey through this season, feel free to check out my Instagram posts:
I just made a delicious Thai dish with the little eggplants. So yummy.
Thank you!!

My boyfriend and I are really enjoying the CSA so far! We have definitely been eating more veggies as a result!  The potatoes were incredible!!! I hope they keep coming! Mmm! And the acorn squash!   Thanks,    CM Oct 2016

We haven’t spoken yet, but I took your advice. I start using the vegetables from day one and I use one/some of them every day. Not only are we eating better (way better), having to use all the vegetables up (I can’t stand to throw any out) makes me a more creative cook.

Spg 2017 Just wanted to reach out and say how much we are enjoying the CSA!  It’s our first time doing this.  We have really been enjoying the fresh lettuce, so much better than what I get at the store!

Here is a recipe I made over the weekend, it was well received by my group of crafting friends  [😊]   I made a few notes on the recipe, but I was able to use our spinach, carrots and beets from the bag- yum!!

 Thank you DJ!  I tried parsnip oven fries last week with olive oil, cayenne, salt and garlic and they were a hit!

It’s been a really really great thing – thanks a bunch!!   MR

My roommate and I are on our second season of subscription to your CSA- we love it, it has totally changed the way we eat and what we cook. So first off – thank you so much! Secondly, I have completely fallen in love with the Raspberry & Rhubarb Jam in one of our recent shares. I’ve shared it around with coworkers & friends, and everybody has asked if this is something you sell aside from the CSA share? If so, you would definitely have a big customer base! The jam is amazing! 

Thanks again! 

Here’s what I liked about the “endless amounts of parsnips, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, turnips, sweet potatoes, rutabagas, cabbages” – I kept thinking of my grandparents and great grandparents – those are exactly the vegetables they ate through the winter because that’s what they could store. They didn’t eat kiwi or mangos in January. They grew their crops in the summer and stored them in the cellar for winter. My son had never eaten a turnip, a rutabaga or a parsnip. Now he’s getting them in soups or baked “because that’s what we got in my green bag this week so that’s what we’re eating.” Less carbon footprints all over the planet.   This is a great lifestyle change and I know we’re eating better because of it. Thanks! MR   3.1.17 Wtr CSA

 I like the part of your note that starts with “thank you for learning to eat…” I definitely felt that it was a learning experience for some of those. Luckily you provided a variety of recipes -- my sweet tooth allowed me to use these in smoothies and muffins.    I love squash so it’s too bad we ran out early! I am looking forward to next winter for squash!  I enjoyed all of the MN food items. My favorites were the Dumpling & Strand pasta, GFF pesto, wild rice, king oyster mushrooms and barley. I haven’t done anything yet with the groats or cornmeal.  Wtr 2017

Hi DJ,
Wanted to give some good feedback on a couple things: we LOVED the cranberry wild rice soup that we got a couple weeks ago- it was so delicious. I'm hoping I can recreate it with the ingredient list.
We also loved the strawberry rhubarb jam.
The grains- I used the barley in a root vegetable chowder soup that I made in the crock pot. I put some teff and millet and flax seeds in the granola I made last night.
Just loving the CSA. Thank you for that!

I just wanted to thank you for the delicious wild rice soup that was included in this week’s CSA’s bag.  I ate it for dinner last night and it was so  yummy.  I’ve never had it with whole cranberries which added some pungent flavor that I really liked.  Super good.

Thanks again! A.S.

Thanks, Loving the grains, the preserves and the winter veggies!


CSA Omelette         Used the onion, sprouts and mushrooms for a great omelette this morning.  The mushrooms were so flavorful. I'm planning on sautéing up the rest with shrimp tonight and putting them on a bed of the butter lettuce with some of the other veggies roasted on the side.     C    Spg 2017 

Just wanted you to know I will put a check and order form in the mail tomorrow for the spring CSA starting on March 9. We are loving all the vegies and fresh salad fixings - amazing.


I tried out 2 different recipes this week with the CSA goodies. The Rutabaga and Carrot Soup was a hit.  The waxed rutabaga held up really well (received this in the bag 1/11, and just used it now!)  It made a lot so I froze 2 containers to heat up later.

The Roasted Beet Salad w/Barley, Feta & Red Onion turned out great using a combo of the golden beets and the red beets.  I was also happy it didn't turn out bright pink!  I used half organic/low sodium chicken broth when cooking the barley, instead of all water.  This dish went well with salmon. I've also been putting the spinach, sprouts & red onion in with my eggs I have for breakfast every morning. Thanks!   BL

I want to tell you how great it is to get your CSA bag every week! The fresh greens have been wonderful, as well as all the other veggies and all of the “extra” items. Getting the CSA bag is like a surprise present once a week in the middle of the winter J I’m excited that you are exploring the possibility of selling some of your jarred items. My son-in-law keeps asking if I can get him more of the peppers from several weeks ago, and the pesto and pickles were a hit too. My personal favorite was the wild rice soup. Simply fabulous!

The email listing what is included for the week and the recipes are really nice to receive, too. Thanks,K

Thank you for the excellent recipes each week. We really love the pesto!  Spring 2017

I have really enjoyed my weekly CSA deliveries over the past year. In fact, I am on vacation right now and so I packed a cooler full of your fresh produce. I also give your farm credit in helping me lose weight over the past year.   B

Just wanted to let you know that I LOVED the rutabaga last week! That was my first ever experience with it, and I'm a convert. I also really loved the mushrooms a few weeks back. You're doing a great job with the CSA, thanks!      MW

Roger and I are so pleased with our subscription. Thank you for making such delicious food. We are getting healthier by the week.


Join the fun!

Hi DJ - just some feedback for you -- I'm 3 weeks in and really enjoying this.  Love the variety, love the vegies and love the tips/recipes. This is a great concept and if it's this good in the dead of winter, I can only imagine how great spring and summer are. :)    DP 12/13

 Hi DJ, Thank you so much for the tips and tricks and recipe suggestions - these are awesome and I am loving my veggies (& tortillas & beans!)I am wondering what you're doing with the beet greens. I know they help nourish the beets and I would definitely put them to good use if given them! Just wanted to check and make sure they are being used in one way or another! Again, thank you so much for everything, I am so happy to be apart of a great CSA!    PB 12/7

DJ, This has been our families first CSA and I am loving it!  Your emails enhance my experience.    AP 12.13.17

I’m almost embarrassed to say this, but I just finished off this afternoon that spinach from 2 weeks ago, I can’t believe it stayed good and tasty this whole time. That, plus all the root vegetables, and the always yummy extra non-produce treat. I’m a total convert to Winter CSA, it’s the best!

Thanks for everything,  E


Everything looks awesome and the recipes look yummy!  I am so happy I joined! I think I need to leave work early so I can go home and COOK! J  Gumbo here I come!Type your paragraph here.

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I have never done a CSA before but have always wanted to, and this has been fantastic! I love the add-ons like grains, pesto, etc.

Wtr Season: This is my first CSA experience and it has been great. I discovered that I absolutely love roasted parsnips after never having met a parsnip in my whole life. My twin two-year-olds sit at the dinner table and ask for “more pa-snips peeze.” I still do not love beets, but can always find a friend at work that is happy to give them a good home. The extras are so fun to look forward to every week, and having local greens all winter has been a real luxury. We have eaten more vegetables this winter than ever before.

Thanks for all you do to bring delicious fresh food to us.    CM

I haven't sent you comments about the Fall CSA yet (my first CSA) but I'm loving it!
Wanted to let you know that yesterday, to celebrate one of the last great grilling weekends of the year, I threw the golden beets and celery root on the grill (roughly chopped, in some aluminum foil) and all our friends raved about it. I had never had celery root before but absolutely loved it! This is why CSA is great!
keep up the good work!

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